About - Mauer Mag


MAUER is a print publication that seeks to share and promote the work of emerging analog photographers from around the world. Each edition is based on a topic that works as a starting point to explore its representation through different perspectives.

We believe that analog photography, despite the technological advances introduced in the last couple of decades, is not something exclusively from the past, but the most appropriate way we find to reveal against the daily maelstrom of a society that seeks the immediate. We consider paper as an esencial part of the process because we don't want to see how photos die as forgotten "jpg" file.

Always looking for inspiring, provocative and unique images that go through all our senses, we invite all analog photographers to participate and jointly create Mauer.


In our first year, we chose to work with the 4 elements of nature, because they are the basis of everything that surrounds us. In March 2019 we launched our 1st print issue, Fire ∞ Water. Air ∞ Earth came out that September to complete the cycle.

In March 2020, right before the Covid-19 crisis hit the world, we launched our 3rd printed issue The Unknown.

The search for the unknown implies abandoning the safe, digging deep and plunging into the diffuse. It is the fear that the unknown carries that must become the impulse of this adventure; and it is precisely on this journey where the importance of art (and, of course, photography) lies.

With this new edition we left behind the softness, the ethereal and the serenity to explore new territories. The Unknown is a raw and explicit issue where the human figure becomes central.

Where can you get MAUER?

Mauer is currently sold in more almost 20 stores and through our online shop with international shipping.