About - Mauer Mag


MAUER is a bi-annual print publication that seeks to share and promote the work of emerging analog photographers from around the world. Each edition is based on a topic that works as a starting point to explore its representation through different perspectives.

We believe that analog photography, despite the technological advances introduced in the last couple of decades, is not something exclusively from the past, but the most appropriate way we find to reveal against the daily maelstrom of a society that seeks the immediate. We consider paper as an esencial part of the process because we don't want to see how photos die as forgotten "jpg" file.

Always looking for inspiring, provocative and unique images that go through all our senses, we invite all analog photographers to participate and jointly create Mauer.


In our first year, we chose to work with the 4 elements of nature, because they are the basis of everything that surrounds us.

The earth is quickly associated with “Mother Earth”, the primal goddess, from whom everything comes and at the same time everything returns. The Earth symbolizes the feminine energy and also represents abundance, fertility, family, roots (along with the ancestral), strength, solidity and healing. Earth provides the stable environment from which all life springs, lives and prospers.
Many metaphors arise in relation to "having your feet on the ground", which implies being in contact with reality, the rational, the tangible, the concrete and material.

The air, on the other hand, is an almost "contradictory" element: although it is everywhere and is part of everything, we can not see it. We know, however, that it is present in every breath and that we can only feel it through the wind.
Contrary to the earth, the air is associated with change, transformation, movement, imagination and creativity. It also represents flexibility, masculine energy, transparency and all the things we can not see. As Saint-Exupéry says, "the essential is invisible to the eyes".

1st Issue Fire ∞ Water available at our E-Shop.

2nd Issue. Air ∞ Earth. Launching September 2019.