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Afrovisibilidad | Ezequiel Sambresqui

What society would not be ashamed of being built on the basis of oppression and exploitation of others? What society would hide those who put the body in the struggles to get rid of the yoke colonial? What society would make those who are part of their DNA invisible?

Argentina is characterized by having a history marked by the denial and invisibility of African populations and their descendents. An invisibility meticulously elaborated by the ruling classes that took the helm of their fate. A series of mechanisms, embodied in a set of ideas and practices, were launched to mark the disappearance of the black population from official history, books, music, from popular imagination, from society. « They became extinct, they fought in the independence wars and did not survive, the yellow fever killed everyone, etc. » All speeches that show how those black bodies bothered and, therefore, should be erased at any cost and in any way.

Fragment of the text written by Patricia Gomes.