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An Idyllic Moment | Mara Bolúmar

My name is Mara Bolúmar, Valencia (Spain). Lover of artistic photography and captor of unique and unrepeatable moments. I have always felt an intimate relationship with photographic art. I have an instinct to see life as ephemeral moments that I need to capture. Perhaps this is what motivates me the most about taking photos.
Influenced by my uncle and my grandfather, great experts in photographic technique, I have always had a camera in my hands. With photography I only intend to escape from reality, creating my own world, the one I see through my eyes and capture forever.  
I think about the people seeing the images I've created looking for the beauty of the moment. Because beauty is in any corner, at any time. I think that a good photographer has to achieve this with every assignment. As the photographer Ansel Adams once said: The most important component of a camera is behind it.


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All photos taken at Spain by Mara Bolúmar