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El color de la sombra | Felipe Gusmerini

I choose analog photography for the magic of chemistry, the constant exploration, the help to overcome frustrations and to develop patience. In this series entitled "The color of the shadow" I use 120 mm film.

Bolivia and Peru are neighboring countries. It would be difficult to imagine their streets without the presence of the women who wear them in colors, some selling bread, other fruits and vegetables, clothes or handicrafts.

The streets are for women; those who do not have working hours, but who work without stopping until they get what they need just to make it through the day. It does not matter if the sky is ready to rain, or if the sun snatches their skins, they will always be there as mothers and workers. Both countries, like many others, are places with great gender inequalities and the struggle of women intensifies every day in the streets. The strength of the will of these women, tinged with colors in their clothes, makes them face this gray reality that surrounds the world in which we live.