Eudore - Mauer Mag

Eudore | Marta Mengardo

Eudore is a selection of works that the artist has made in the last year, which, although set in different scenarios, are united by a similar sensitivity. Using analogue photography, Marta creates portraits that inhabit and at the same time are alienated from the realm of everyday life. Photographing mainly her friends, she creates images that reveal private aspects of everyday existence. The multiplicity of the meanings in her works captures a gaze which goes into stratified scenarios in which various levels of intimacy are superimposed. This is made possible by the friendship that binds the photographer to her models. Often crossed by a precarious state of tension and balance, her images condense the ambiguous intreraction between human and material dimensions, highlighting our interdependence from what surrounds us.


Ilaria Pellizzoni - Ziqing Sun - Angelica Musitelli

All the photos were taken in Italy in 2018.