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#FilmSwapWorldWide | Pablo Giori

The #FilmSwapWorldWide project was created by swapping film rolls between different cities around the world. At this moment, more than 40 cities and photographers participate in this international project of visual and intercultural dialogue. In this process, we understood that with the double exposure we could break the visual education that they had given us and that experimental photography was the perfect tool to carry out this visual reflection. On the other hand, the film swap breaks with the modern, impersonal and virtual dynamics proposed by social networks since it is based on a concrete object that passes from hand to hand, a half exposed film by another photographer. In relation to the method, in the first contact the subjects to be photographed are decided, without communicating the order or the composition of the pictures. This generates that a large part of the responsibility for the final result of the double exposures falls on chance. From this project was born the international exhibition Migrating the Gazes, which aims to expose the result of these exchanges.


All photos were taken in Barcelona by Pablo Giori and:

1 & 2 - @nikol_u (Prague)

3 & 4 - @nationale7 (Santa Cruz, California)

5 - @lauraligari (Valtellina, Italia)

6 & 7 - @parnsant (Alguer)