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Insights | Felicitas Schwenzer A.K.A Ophelia

I’m a 25-year-old education and psychology student from Hamburg, Germany. Though I always was fascinated by photography, I started taking my first steps in the analogue medium format a couple of years ago. I knew from the start that this method was the best way to achieve the artistic expression I seek to attain. I have a strong interest in human body shapes and therefore nude studies. A body offers endless perspectives, variations and abstractions. To me, portraying a nude body is one of the most timeless, intimate, honest and pure ways of photography. I am especially fond of composing with more than one person: Mirroring movements and amplifying shapes to create a whole different kind of beauty.

For my photos, I choose to work with actresses and actors because they convey their very own unconventional beauty, holding an exceptional aesthetic. They don’t pose like models: they move their body rather lyrically and sometimes even a little odd – an ideal premise for the kind of photos I desire to take. In my photographies, I aim to create a desexualisation of the nude and turn it into an artwork, an instrument for emotional expressions.

Models: Charly Grethe Eva Olivia Chrissi Polina Maxime Vera

Location: Hamburg, Germany