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La murmuración de las imágenes | Daniela Pafundi

La murmuración de las imágenes is born from the search to inhabit the space between the moment of conscious vigil and the entrance to the dream, between the real and the unreal, the visible and the invisible. The lack of definition of these poles means that there is no clear point of departure and arrival. Time and space intertwine and produce repetitions, folds, lateralities, knots, escape lines, lapses. These interstices generate a visual polyphony that speaks through murmuring, sometimes screaming. The latent images dialogue with us and with others, but especially among them. The assembly is built by conflicting affinities. There are interruptions, jumps, overlays. It is an undisciplined game.

In this between, this loophole, as well as in the act of photographing, there is a feeling of grief between what we live and what we can preserve from it. What we have seen, as we have perceived it, has died. What remains is a mere translation. There is a passage from chaos and profusion of images to articulated discourse. The images run through the cracks of our memory. Lost in translation we try to connect scattered particles.