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Ragazze Italiane | Alessia Laudoni

The world is made of stories.

Women are my greatest source of inspiration, they are the center of my universe. The beauty in my gaze is not only associated with the physical person. The beauty of a woman is in her very essence: elegance, kindness, tenderness, strength and fragility. I like to pay tribute to the feminine and show the beauty of life in the cycle of existence where each phase has its dignity, bringing out the true essence of the body and soul, the personality through the magic of photography.
The portrait is, for me, the most delicate photography where feelings and emotions give rise to the alchemy of the encounter.
I like to photograph outdoors because I feel that we trust chance, in a neutral land, where no one is in control of what is about to happen. You have to want to get involved and let yourself be guided. Complicity reaches such intensity that it stops time. The noises disappear and leave space for an intimacy that has no past or future. And it is exactly this moment that I am looking for. A moment that becomes an object of contemplation.

To tell the story of the Italian girls, I chose the natural light of Barcelona. ​​I portrayed them in their familiar and everyday places. I crossed the city to immerse myself in their stories and welcome them inside me, in a place where time no longer exists.
The harmony of these encounters made me strong and rich. And once at home, looking at myself in the mirror, I found these women in my eyes.

I thank all the Italian girls for their trust and for having generously entrusted themselves to me by opening up. Italian girls make you feel at home, they welcome you with open arms, between travel settings, cities, asphalt and nature, wrapped in soft natural light. I feel privileged to have shared these experiences and confidences with them. Knowing them has also been recognizing myself.

To Barcelona, ​​a young, beautiful and generous mother, I want to thank you for having welcomed me, raised me and returned me to the beauty of simple things. To her, and to all the Italian girls, I want to dedicate and return the great beauty that I have witnessed.

These portraits are not made of perfection, they are made of real moments.

The RAGAZZE ITALIANE exhibition by Alessia Laudoni will be on display until Monday, October 4th at Palau Robert - Pg de Gràcia, 107. Barcelona

Alessia Laudoni is an Italian photographer and portrait painter based in Barcelona. Her field of research has always focused on women. She has traveled the world photographing female, Italian and international talents and collaborating on editorial, exhibition and musical projects.

Ragazze Italiane

Alessia Laudoni