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Sometimes quiet is violent | Quentin O’Malley

I am an early nineties kiddo. I kept a great attachment to that era, tainted with a lot of nostalgia which is a big part of my work’s universe.

I grew up and evolved in the underground scene with a big crush for skateboarding (which I’ll cowardly abandon after) and for artists such as Linkin Park, Sniper, Eminem and many other influent artists from the underground world. It is still today the environment in which I naturally like to gravitate and that has a big influence in my world.

What inspires me the most is definitely those underground, indie/travel and old school vibes (between the 70’s and the early 2000’s). This is exactly what defines who I am.


Meaghan Bossi @dykeonique
Manon Barraud @guilty.ascharged
Chloé Beaudoin @beausein
Kay Tremblay @kay.tremblay
Caitlin Perrin @caitlin.perrin
Sarah Gysler
Mike Clay @alldayjam