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The Iberians | Candy Lopesino

The Iberian Peninsula is a geographical concept formed by Spain and Portugal, two countries geographically united but separated by an invisible border. THE IBERIANS is an essay about my travels through this territory, a visual diary narrating the things that happen while I wander through Iberia. My work is a continuous journey through Spain and Portugal in which I explore the concepts of territory, border, light, memory and identity through the observation of the other. I rediscover places in common, its people, its culture, its realities circumscribed to a geography, in short, the human condition.

The portuguese writer Fernando Pessoa once wrote: “… it would seem that the two countries have finally realized that if a border separates them, it also unites them, and that if two neighboring nations are two, morally they can be almost one because they are neighbors ".

CANDY LOPESINO is a self-taught photographer and documentary filmmaker without additives or artifice for whom there is nothing more interesting than reality. Her wide professional career has allowed her to travel the Iberian Peninsula for more than two decades. This journey that started upon request, has currently opened the door to her two personal projects focused on monographic themes: IBERIA and the ATLANTIC Ocean.